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Project Face Design

Project Face Design is a design research project about the effect of facial enhancement on the human condition by Marsha Wichers. Besides her work as a cosmetic doctor, Marsha also has an education in fine art and design. She is specialized in sculpture, 3D scanning and Computer Aided Design of the human body.  


Marsha: "Facial enhancement has almost become a commodity these days. Everybody can buy full lips, botoxed skin and re-shaped cheekbones. But here lies a danger, our face isn’t a commodity".


"Our face is one of the most important parts of what makes us human and embodies our personality and individuality. If we go too far in facial enhancement, our faces will start to look unnatural and may communicate in a different way. Within my design research I wanted to gain insight in this matter because I think it is important to be aware of the side effects of our efforts to look young and beautiful".

"I think it is important to be aware of the choices we want to make regarding the way we look as human beings. Especially with the coming technological age where we as humans will compete with artificial intelligence and robots".

"Medical technology provides us with the opportunity to soften the signs of ageing, but we should always respect and embrace our individual looks, with its imperfections, because that's an important part of what makes us human".


Marsha combined her knowledge of medical technical possibilities with an ‘out of the box’ design approach. She took her own face as a starting point for visualizing different design possibilities. The goal of project Face Design is to raise awareness and to start a discussion about societal and ethical issues regarding facial enhancement.

Get in contact: info@marshawichers.nl



Curriculum Vitae

Marsha Wichers

Professional Experience




Education (Art & Design)


Education (Medicine)






Independent artist and designer.

Cosmetic doctor at ABC Clinic Breda.

Cosmetic doctor at Bergmanclinics The Hague.
Cosmetic doctor at Velthuisclinic Rotterdam and Hilversum.
Resident physician (Psychiatry, LUMC /Curium Leiden).
Resident physician (Psychiatry, Parnassia The Hague).

Master Industrial Design, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague 
Bachelor in Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Arts

Internal training for Cosmetic doctor (Velthuisclinic).
Medicine (Leiden University, exam 2005).

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Cosmetische Geneeskunde

Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers