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The use of Botox is getting very popular, also for younger people. Botox works against wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles, but few people realize that it also profoundly affects our facial expressions.


The way you express yourself with your face is an important part of your individuality. Facial expressions are essential for interpersonal communication, but also for feeling emotions and expressing them.



Will we still understand one another if we can no longer fully utilize our facial expressions in non-verbal communication?

This question is explored by visualizing facial expressions before and after full facial Botox injections. Facial emotion reading software* (Artificial Intelligence) helps to objectify the facial expressions.


The software measures the movement in the face and tranlates this into expressed emotions. By watching the moving dot in the circular charts you can read the outcomes.**


See how difficult it is to show surprise when you can’t lift your brows.

* In collaboration with Noldus Information Technology

** Explanation on next page