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Here you find an example of the genuine smile (in which normally the muscle around the eye contracts and forms wrinkles).


Because of the paralyzing effect of botulinum toxin (face on the right), the muscles around the eyes cannot contract. It is giving you less wrinkles but also takes away your 'real smile'. A magnification of this remarkably different feature is highlighted in the circles. Notice that the Artificial Intelligence 

doesn’t detect the absence of the contraction around the eye; it rates both expressions as equally ‘happy’.


In human interpretation, this feature makes a very important difference between a real (genuine) and a ‘fake’ smile*. 

*A fake smile (polite smile) is a smile without the contracton of the muscles around the eyes.

Here you find an example of the expression of disgust in which normally the corners of the mouth are depressed (face on the left side). The muscles that depress the corner of the mouth are treated with botulinum toxin in the face on the right.


Because of the absence of this downward movement the software interprets this facial expression as ‘Neutral’ instead of ‘Disgusted’ in my face after the injections with botulinum toxin (right side).